PC蛋蛋幸运28Doss Elementary School

“Preserving and Growing a Community Culture. This replacement school with an owl mascot—known as the “School in the Trees”—shares its site with a city park and embraces sustainable, biophilic design to further reinforce its setting in nature. With clearly stated project requirements and a strong existing cultural foundation, the new school environment delivers operational value and state-of-the-art learning spaces, allowing each student the opportunity to find their own unique path to knowledge.”

Centennial Elementary School

Build a brand new elementary school to serve the community.

Gerald D. Young Agricultural Sciences Center

This Agricultural Sciences facility was born with the realization of increasing expectations for student preferences, graduation requirements, and growth in the district and community usage. Serving the district’s K-12 population of over 87,000 students, this facility was built on the important historical aspects of the agriculture industry that has existed in this community for decades. This modernized structure incorporates instruction, rodeo, and a venue for community events.

Wunderland at Deep Wood Elementary

“This neighborhood elementary school has a campus-wide focus on literacy and serves three district special ed programs. Like its neighborhood, it has some age on it, but innovative thinking activated a hidden treasure.mBy rehabilitating a dark, dank concrete area with a district grant, they created an inclusive, activity-based, open-air learning environment. Equipment designed for multisensory learning enhances social, emotional, and academic discovery for children of all ages and abilities.”

C.E. King High School

The district is in the petrochemical corridor in unincorporated Houston. It serves a richly diverse population. Known for industry, it traditionally has not been recognized for its schools. As a tight-knit community, the replacement of their high school (a 50-year-old building) on a new site presented bold opportunities. The rebirth of the high school was deeply embraced. It is iconic, a destination for personalized learning, and a symbol that all students deserve a high-quality education.

Exhibit of School Architecture

The TASA/TASB Exhibit of School Architecture in collaboration with the A4LE- Southern Region Foundation showcases new and renovated Texas schools and celebrates excellence in planning and design of the learning environment. All nominated projects are displayed at the annual TASA/TASB Convention. The projects receiving Stars of Distinction are displayed at the TASA Midwinter Conference, where the Caudill Class winners are announced.

Architecture Archive

This website, created in 2016, serves as a digital archive of Exhibit of School Architecture project entries. All nominated projects are featured for a full year; projects that receive Stars of Distinction will be displayed for 3 years and the Caudill Class status are to be featured for 5 years.

Texas Association of School Boards